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Our hunts for Black and Brown Bears, Sitka Black-Tailed Deer, and Mountain Goats in Alaska are boat-based, spotting and stalking the many tidal flats of Southeast Alaska’s Baranof and Prince of Wales Islands. MORE

Brown Bear Hunting

Brown Bear hunts are boat-based on our comfortable commercial fishing vessel. We will be spotting and stalking the many tidal flats of Southeast Alaska’s Baranof. MORE

Black Bear Hunting

Black bear hunts, which take place on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, are boat-based on a forty-two foot cruiser as base camp and then spotting and stalking from small skiffs. MORE

Sport Fishing

We offer trophy-class sport fishing for saltwater and freshwater fish. Enjoy world-class sport fishing in Alaska’s pristine waters. MORE


Enjoy our Alaskan sightseeing exploring the waters of Southeast Alaska and the Tongass National Forest. We’ll get up-close and personal with wildlife such as bears, whales, otters and much more! MORE


A secluded Alaskan float house… People often say they’ve come to Alaska and lived the dream, but they haven’t really lived the Alaska dream until they’ve spent the night in solitude in a hidden bay aboard an Alaska floathouse… MORE


Sitka, Alaska is located on Baranof Island, one of the largest islands in the Alexander Archipelago complex and is covered by the largest temperate rain forest in the world. MORE